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Adèle Wolf
International Burlesque Star
 Model & Actress

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The Acts
Adèle Wolf is available to perform at private parties, corporate events, and more across the world! Full video of acts available upon request. Custom routines can also be created to fit an event theme.

For booking and rates, please contact booking@adelewolf.com with your event details!

Red Feather Classic

Classic burlesque act featuring an extravagant red and gold costume with giant Sally Rand tribute fans performed to instrumental orchestra and big band jazz.

Gypsy Rose Lee / Natalie Wood Tribute

This act is a recreation of the final strip from the 1962 film adaptation of Gypsy starring Natalie Wood performed to "Let Me Entertain You."

Queen Cleopatra

A tribute to the greatest seductress in history. Features extravagant costuming complete with gold lame isis wings; inspired by Elizabeth Taylor's role as Cleopatra in the 1963 film.

April March Tribute

Authorized tribute to burlesque icon, April March, The First Lady of Burlesque. Performed in one of April March's orginal costumes to April's signature music, which April has given exclusive permission to Adèle to use. Also features a recreation of April's signature prop.

"Adèle does a great tribute to me! Just superb. I saw myself in her, dancing many years ago. She makes me very proud. " - April March

Killer Wolf

Adèle's signature act is sure to get you howling! The act is a tribute to the Wolf and features an authentic Wolf pelt and 5' "moon" silhouette panel. (No animals were harmed in the making of the costume. The pelt was acquired from an animal that died of natural causes on a wildlife reserve.)

Cat People

The sensuality and power of a big cat is harnessed in this classically styled routine featuring a 1950s vintage leopard print costume. Performed to David Bowie's "Cat People." Can alternatively be performed to "Jungle Rock" for a more midcentury feel.

Slow Love

A classic striptease featuring an all purple costume and lavender swan boa tributing Prince. Performed to Prince's sultry "Slow Love."


Classically styled act featuring bedazzled horns performed to the musical stylings of Danzig. Can be performed with or without Adèle's serpentine dance partner, Lazarus the ball python.

Under pressure

Multi-prop conceal and reveal routine to the Queen and Bowie classic! This pride inspired act is a crowd favorite and one of Adèle's signature routines! (Props include feather fans, veil fans, and veil)

Love is a Stranger

A tale of love and lust performed to the Eurythmics hit. Features veil fans and a decadent glass beaded fringe costume.